If you have been meaning to donate but have needed that extra 'umph' to do so--we have great news for you.  The IAF is announcing a $22,500 'Double Your Donation Challenge' whereby any donation we receive between July 15 and Sept 30 will be matched dollar for dollar up to $22,500.  This is possible due to the generosity of two donors: Colin Lind of California pledged up to $20,000 to start the match program, and the McCall Chapter of the Idaho Aviation Association (IAA) has added up to $2,500 to the Double Your Donation Challenge pot.  BUT TO GET THESE PLEDGES, WE NEED FRIENDS LIKE YOU TO DONATE BEFORE SEPT 30!  You will get the satisfaction of knowing your dollars are double, and you will also be able to write off your donation to the full extent of the law (we will send you a receipt appropriate for tax purposes).

We have a lot of momentum on this already: Since we started talking to past and potential donors about this just recently, we already received commitments or cash totalling $12,500!  So, we are already more than half way to meet the Double Your Donation Challenge...and ask if you would consider donating again or for the first time. Remember, we now have shirts and other appreciation gifts for donors that have proven quite popular!  Click Here for the Donate Page.

For more frequent updates, please view our Facebook page even if you do not have a Facebook account--you can check out great info on our new webcam, work party efforts, photos, and more.  Click Here to View BigCreekLodgeIdaho on Facebook.


Vic Jaro led a small but efficient team on May 31-June 1 that tackled a large list of items to get the site ready for hosting breakfast events and also some pre-construction work during the summer.   Here’s what the work party accomplished:

  1. Got the backhoe offsite operational – engine and hydraulics – and moved to a nearby cabin for further maintenance.
  2. Dug the foundation hole for the Big Creek web cam.  This will be installed in a few weeks.  It has been kindly provided by the Idaho Aviation Association.
  3. Mowed the grass in the lodge area.
  4. Filled the irrigation water tank and watered the lawn.
  5. The water system to the duplex was charged and checked for leaks; sinks and toilets are working (not potable water).
  6. The duplex was completely cleaned and disinfected. (It is now useable for volunteers)
  7. Mounted the generator and belted it to the pelton wheel turbine. (Still need to modify the safety guard and get it mounted)
  8. Cleaned the hydroelectric house.
  9. Cleared brush from the area around the potable water tanks on the hill.
  10. Completely dismantled and rebuilt approximately 200 feet of the pasture pole fence that runs along the east side of the lodge area.
  11. We are ready to do test holes for required septic drainfield soil tests in a few weeks.

It was a very productive 1 ½ days. Thanks to Jim, Hank, Eve, Sparky, Larry, Stan that weekend and Vic plus Bill and Doug for their pre-work too!


WP1 14 mow grass EveNow that the site has been prepped after a long winter, we’re ready to serve YOU breakfast!  Our first events are on June 21 and June 28 from 8-10am, and have announced other dates on our website.  Many of you have already enjoyed breakfast at the site—it’s an outdoor setting that really can’t be beat.  The road into Big Creek is still snowed in, so pilots will likely be the only visitors for these first two dates. 

  • Visitors will have the option of taking a brief tour of the grounds and learning about the critical systems that are in place now, and the plan going forward.  Details will be posted at the breakfast.
  • We are down to 100 remaining raffle tickets (out of 400) for the 1945 Willys Jeep—we’ve saved these last tickets for the breakfast events.  We’ll also have polo and tee shirts available to order for donors (not for retail sale—they are a thank you gift for $130 donations).  
  • If you are flying in, here’s the low down:  the strip is in good condition.  Like last year, be wary of the beaver ponds on the north end of the runway—the water is encroaching on the sides of the runway at the north end and is marked with orange cones.  There are some gopher holes on the south end near the parking area—so taxi carefully.   
  • Pilots, be aware there will be arriving and departing traffic in a constricted area.  Please communicate position reports and be ready to extend arrivals or departures depending on traffic--flexibility and situational awareness is an asset.  For reference to pilots unfamiliar with the area, Profile Summit (aka Profile Pass) is a popular arrival path from the south (identified by the road going up and over into Big Creek).  You may also hear “Smith Creek” used as a position report or base turn—this is a fairly large drainage located just downstream (north) of the airstrip on the west side of the canyon. 


In 2013, many Big Creek enthusiasts requested that we sell shirts with the Big Creek Lodge logo. Although we won't be 'selling' shirts, IAF listened, and developed several shirt options as a thank you gift for donors at the $130+ level.  These great shirts are not for sale--they are strictly appreciation gifts, and even say "Making it Happen" under the logo--distinguishing the wearer as a donor.

We have a selection of Mens/Unisex or Women's 100% cotton polo shirts, or for those who prefer tee-shirts, we also have super-soft, wicking tees.  Click here for details and product photos. The "Donate" page is being updated so you may make a selection for any donation over $130.  Interested, but not sure what do do? Email 

Feb 23, 2014: If you enjoy nostalgia and would like a street-legal fun machine, the 1945 Willys MB Military Jeep raffle may be for you.  We are selling limited raffleJeep right side low res tickets for this great vehicle.  It was delivered to the military on January 16, 1945.  More recently, it served Big Creek Lodge patrons for several summers.  Bruce Parker kindly donated the Jeep to the IAF as a fund-raising item.

The Low-Down:

Tickets are $20 each, and only 400 will be sold.  The Jeep will be on display and tickets will be sold at our breakfast events in 2014, or you can request tickets via    Drawing will be held by Nov 1, 2014 and will be announced at a Big Creek fund-raising event in Boise (details to be announced this summer).  Winner need not be present to win.  Jeep is in Boise, and winner will be responsible for moving the Jeep to winner's location.  IAF Board of Directors and direct family not eligible.

It is in good working condition, and with current improvements, this ol' trooper is ready to run you around the mountains, the farm or backroads.  It does have improvements, such as a removable front towbar and rear hitch, 12 volt electrical system (vs 6v), turn signals, updated brakes, power takeoff (winch is not connected, but should run a winch), and military-styleJeep front low upholstery.

Tickets are already going fast--10% were sold in the first weekend at the NW Aviation Conference.  If you are worried the tickets will be sold out before you can see us at the breakfast events, then email us at and we'll coordinate with you.

 Jeep cockpit low