LOCATION: Big Creek/Edwardsburg, Idaho

WAGES/PAY: + tips

EXPERIENCE: Previous experience required

START DATE:  Approximately May 25, 2018

Working at Big Creek Lodge will be memorable because 2018 will be the first season of operation since a devastating 2008 internal fire burned the 1930s lodge to the ground.  It's a unique operation because it is served primarily by a backcountry airstrip (that's how supplies are delivered too), is off the grid, and is operated by an aviation nonprofit, Idaho Aviation Foundation, which also painstakingly rebuilt it over a 5 year period. 

If you like to work hard and play hard off the grid in a rugged setting--then this job may be for you!  

The ideal two Caretaker/Lodge Managers are good friends or a couple who work well together can share accommodations, like to wear many hats and think on their feet.  They love being where seasonal visitors number in the hundreds not millions--and enjoy delighting those guests whether they are on a day trip arriving via aircraft or a week-long stay on ATVs. 

Amenities are simple: we generate our own electricity via hydro, there is no cell service nor landline, we have slow but working wifi, the nearest town of 3,000 is over 3-hour drive away...but the lodge's huge fireplace and spruce log construction welcomes those who truly want to disconnect.  Visitors are thrilled to visit the 2.3 million acre Wilderness a stone's throw away, yet enjoy the hospitality and safety Big Creek Lodge provides to those who cannot or do not wish to camp.

Managing the Lodge has a variety of duties shared by two people (and some volunteer help), including:

·         Cheerfully greeting/serving guests, answering questions, relating area history

·         Planning, preparing and serving meals and drinks (including wine/beer)

·         Ordering and storing food/supplies & merchandise

·         Cleaning lodge & guest rooms, including small cabin and yurt & maintaining clean linens

·         Collecting payments for food and merchandise as needed, maintaining records 

·         Mowing/watering lawn and irrigating pasture

·         Maintaining buildings and equipment, performing minor maintenance as needed

·         Cutting/splitting firewood as needed

·         Promoting Big Creek Lodge via website/social media posts 2x per week

·         Delegating work to volunteers (handling dishes, laundry, garbage etc)

·         Must be over 19, have a valid drivers' license and be able to lift 50 lbs

The rebuilt Big Creek Lodge has 4 comfortable rooms for rent to the public, and will normally accommodate 6-8 people with up to 20 possible via a backcountry yurt and small cabin nearby.  It is known as a special 'fly in' breakfast spot, so weekends can be busy in the morning with slower times mid-week.  The Caretaker/Managers will run the Lodge with a fair amount of independence while working cooperatively with Supervisor located in Boise, Idaho.

For a job description and application contact Nadine Burak at