This site is to provide updates and information on the Idaho Aviation Foundation's (IAF) efforts to rebuild Bigiaflogo Creek Lodge in central Idaho. The lodge was originally built in the 1930's and has a tremendous backcountry pilot and outdoor enthusiast following. Sadly, the lodge burned to the ground in October 2008. However, a happy future is in store for the old site, and we expect a new Lodge in 2015! Whether you will become a volunteer, donor or even a reader and contributor of Big Creek lore, we'd love you to be a part of the success story.

In 2013, our fund raising efforts have brought us within $175,000 of the building goal. We need $600,000 for the building, and will raise funds beyond that for ongoing operations. 

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USFS logo The Big Creek Lodge and Resort will be operated for public service within the authority of a Special Use Permit in partnership with the Payette National Forest.

Big Creek Lodge News

  • 1940's DINNER/DANCE GALA SET FOR SAT NOV 1 AT WARHAWK AIR MUSEUM... Set your calendar, and RSVP for a fun evening at the beautiful Warhawk Air Museum on the Nampa Airport.  This event is designed to appeal to pilots and non pilots alike.  We hope you will invite family, friends, veterans, and history lovers.  You will dine among beautiful WWII era... read more »

  • On Aug 23 from 8-10 am, the Breakfast Event at Big Creek will be a very special one.  The Payette National Forest (USFS) will kick off their Celebration of Wilderness with our breakfast event.  After breakfast, you can enjoy some music, and talk with Earl Dodds, long time ranger from the 50s-80s--plus see wilderness tools and a pack string demo.... read more »

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